Dr. Grace Augustine: Don't make me force-feed a cripple!

Dr. Grace Augustine: Don't play with that. You'll go blind.

Dr. Grace Augustine: Hey Marine!

Jake Sully: [Turns and sees Grace's Avatar] Damn. Grace?

Dr. Grace Augustine: Well who'd you expect, numbnuts?

Dr. Grace Augustine: Think fast.

[Grace throws Jake some type of purple fruit]

Dr. Grace Augustine: Motor control is looking good.

[Jake bites into fruit and chuckles excitedly]

Dr. Grace Augustine: Is the avatar safe?

Jake Sully: Yeah, Doc, it's safe, and you are not gonna believe where I am!

Dr. Grace Augustine: Just relax and let your mind go blank. That shouldn't be too hard for you.

Jake Sully: Kiss the darkest part of my lily white...

[gets cut off]

Dr. Grace Augustine: So you just figured you'd come here, to the most hostile environment known to men, with no training of any kind, and see how it went? What was going through your head?

Jake Sully: Maybe I was sick of doctors telling me what I couldn't do.

Dr. Grace Augustine: [after getting shot by Quaritch in the airship as they're flying away from the hangar] This is gonna ruin my whole day!

Dr. Grace Augustine: [Emerging from her avatar pod] Where's my goddamn cigarette? What's wrong with this picture!

Dr. Grace Augustine: [Mortally wounded, realizing she's at the tree of souls] I need to get some samples.

Dr. Grace Augustine: [to Selfridge] Those trees were sacred to the Omaticaya in a way you can't imagine.

Selfridge: You know what? You throw a stick in the air around here it falls on some sacred fern, for Christ's sake!

Dr. Grace Augustine: I'm not talking about pagan voodoo here - I'm talking about something REAL and measurable in the biology of the forest.

Selfridge: Which is *what* exactly?

Dr. Grace Augustine: What we think we know - is that there's some kind of electrochemical communication between the roots of the trees. Like the synapses between neurons. Each tree has ten to the fourth connections to the trees around it, and there are ten to the twelfth trees on Pandora...

Selfridge: That's a lot, I'm guessing.

Dr. Grace Augustine: That's more connections than the human brain. You get it? It's a network - a global network. And the Na'vi can access it - they can upload and download data - memories - at sites like the one you just destroyed.

Selfridge: [after a stunned pause] What the HELL have you people been smoking out there?

[beginning to laugh]

Selfridge: They're just. Goddamn. Trees.

Dr. Grace Augustine: You need to wake up, Parker. The wealth of this world isn't in the ground - it's all around us. The Na'vi know that, and they're fighting to defend it. If you wanna share this world with them, *you* need to understand *them*.

Col. Quaritch: I think we understand them just fine. Thanks to Jake here.

[Jake and Grace share a look of horror as Quaritch begins to play Jake's video log]