Alpha Dog

Olivia Mazursky: My son was murdered over $1200.

Olivia Mazursky: They said there's a reason for everything. Well if God's got a purpose for me, he better get the fuck down and show me, cause I don't see it!

Sonny Truelove: A drug dealer? No. Did he sell a little weed? Yeah.

Sonny Truelove: You've fucked up your life so bad! And the only way you're gonna UNFUCK it, is that you come clean now, Johnny, YOU COME CLEAN NOW!

Susan Hartunian: Am I the only fucking person who thinks this is fucking wrong?

Susan Hartunian: This kid has been kidnapped!

Sabrina Pope: Dude, that's so fucking cool.

Susan Hartunian: Dude, this shirt is fucking cool, Bob Marley is cool, you guys think that kidnapping is cool?

Susan Hartunian: You better get yourself a good lawyer!

Frankie Ballenbacher: Fuck you!

Cosmo Gadabeeti: Let the spooks do the hard time Johnny... call it off.

Cosmo Gadabeeti: [grabs onto Johnny Truelove] Hey, look at this kid. How handsome he is. Look at this! You must be knocking them dead. You knocking them dead?

Johnny Truelove: No. Let go of me.

Cosmo Gadabeeti: So what are you doing tonight? You chasing tail?

Jake Mazursky: I'm not one of your little friends, you fucking midget.