A Life Less Ordinary

Celine: Despite your crummy poem, I came to see you and all you could do was humiliate me and turn me away. I thought you were decent, but it turns out you're just a lying, cheating bastard like all the rest.

Celine: I'd like to make a withdrawal.

Robert: I thought we agreed there'd be no cliches.

Celine: If word got around that I had been liberated for half a million dollars, I could never show my face in polite society again. Diamonds have no value except that which is placed upon them.

Celine: I'm not interested in you, or your novel, or any other pathetic ambition you have to change your miserable, mundane existence.

Celine: "Kidnap For Beginners", Chapter One. Have you even asked for a ransom yet?

Celine: "Kill me but don't touch the girl." You should be on television.

Celine: Look, they weren't trying to kill you. They were trying to confuse you, and scare you.

Robert: Yeah, before they killed me.

Celine: Remember what they didn't teach you at Harvard Business school.

Robert: I didn't go to Harvard Business school!

Celine: That's a figure of speech, Robert.

Celine: So you're telling me that successful relationships... are made in heaven? Notfounded on the daily practicality... of two people being prepared... to tolerate the imperfections of one another?

Robert: It's not successful relationships, Celine. It's love. And it comes from a strange and wonderful place... that we don't know about.

Celine: So you also reject the idea... that love is merely an emotional adaptation... to a physical necessity?

Robert: Completely.

Celine: Are you serious?

Robert: Fate intervenes in people's lives. In ours, for instance. Fate brought us together. It kept us together. We were destined for one another.

Celine: Fate had a pretty strange way of making its point.

Robert: But that's part of the beauty of it. It's inexplicable, unpredictable... and absolutely beyond control or understanding.

Celine: But you nearly got killed.

Robert: But I didn't... and here we are.

Celine: Do you have any substantial evidence to back all this?

Robert: None at all.

Celine: And you realize that it's absurd and irrational?

Robert: I know that.

Celine: Then why do you believe it?

Robert: Because, Celine, I'm a dreamer.

Celine: Well, I guess that makes two of us.

Robert: Are you ready?

Celine: As I'll ever be.

Robert: Then let's go.

Celine: What's wrong?

Robert: What's wrong, you crazy bitch, is I thought you were gonna shoot me! THAT'S what's wrong!